I’m going to be perfectly honest – some of this website is dedicated to offering a sampling of books I’ve read and products I’ve used in the hopes that you’ll purchase it if my wackadoodle writing skills convince you. That means this site occasionally contains affiliate links. What’s an affiliate link, you might ask?

This means that I have signed up for a program with a company or service whose products or services I enjoyed. This could mean a thrilling unputdownable book from Bookshop.org, a trinket from the fine folks at The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild, or tea from my favorite tea shop. When mentioning something like this in The Bookish Historian, I will include an affiliate link.

What does this mean for you? Should you buy something through that link, I might receive some Galleons of my own at no cost to you. This goes towards pesky student loans or, better yet, more books!

Even so, I promise I’m reading the book, buying the trinket, and drinking the tea. No matter what, I will not recommend anything I haven’t loved. Why? I appreciate my readers and their support, and I dislike dishonest marketing. You are under no obligation, ever, to purchase anything.

Additionally, if I have reviewed a book that has been gifted to me by an author or publisher, I will disclose that on the TBH website as well as Instagram. That doesn’t mean I will use an affiliate link to them; it just means that I am doing some PR for them and want you to know that.

Lastly, the FTC actually has a great blog post defining affiliate marketing if you want to learn more, especially about how to protect yourself from false marketing and scams. I highly advocate doing additional research to keep yourself safe.

Last updated: January 1, 2023