A collage of book covers for "Pericles and Aspasia," "Not Pink," and "The Merchant from Sepharad."

TBH Tomes: My To-Read List for March 2023

Welcome to “TBH Tomes” for March 2023! This month I’m excited to share that I’m part of a book tour for a novel set in Ancient Greece! I’m also planning to read a friend’s novel and at least one ebook from my never-ending TBR list.

Pericles and Aspasia

By Yvonne Korshak (@yvonnekorshak). Caryatid Imprint. 500 pages. October 2022.

The cover of

Fans of Greek history will appreciate this rendering of the story of Pericles and Aspasia, two important historical figures in ancient Athens. Pericles (c. 495 – 429 BCE), an astute and intelligent statesman, takes upon himself the mantle of Athenian political and cultural development. He takes as his mistress the intriguing Aspasia. Originally from Miletus, Aspasia seeks refuge in Athens. Together, their love story will change history.

Drawing upon her travels and research, Yvonne Korshak promises to weave together a tantalizing and arresting story as strong as those woven by the mythical Fates of Greek mythology.

Not Pink

By Margaret Kasimatis. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 252 pages. April 2018.

The book cover of

I’ve been friends with Margaret Kasimatis for a number of years, and I was so thrilled that she asked me to read and review her book Not Pink! Her debut novel begins in the 1960s, a “time of mixed messages for young women, especially those from a more traditional setting,” to quote Margaret.

Mary Therese Panos, or “Mae” as she’s known, lives a troubled existence. As a young child, her uncle ships her off to boarding school at St. Mary’s. With no savior in sight, despite her desperate wishes, Mae turns to drugs and a stone-skinned demeanor to cope. Her daughter Kristy shines as the only light in her life. As she spirals, Mae must confront her demons to overcome her past and break the cycle of destructive coping mechanisms to be a better mother for Kristy.

The Merchant from Sepharad

By James Hutson-Wiley. New Generations Publishing. February 2023. 310 pages (paperback).

The book cover for

Jim Hutson-Wiley’s The Merchant from Sepharad is the latest book in his incredible Sugar Merchant series. I’ve loved and reviewed his other books The Sugar Merchant and The Travels of ibn Thomas. Hutson-Wiley leaves behind the sun-drenched sands of Egypt and rolling hills of Italy for Asia.

As the book summary reads, “Embroiled in the tumult of the twelfth century’s commercial revolution, Joshua ben Elazar, the scion of an illustrious trading dynasty, is torn between the dictates of his faith and his quest for wealth and love.” From Portugal to India, readers will experience Joshua’s crisis of faith and his struggle to succeed amidst a chaotic period of history.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts about these books here on TBH, Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram! Don’t forget to check out my profiles on each site for updates!

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